Can I make Money With Google Adsense?

Yes you can make money with google adsense and it won’t cost you a penny to get started as when you set up your free account

Google give you 200 ad channels for free. The process is very simple as Google AdSense automatically matches ads to your site’s content. Whenever a visitor to your site clicks on a google ad – you get paid whatever that ad is worth per click!


Does Google just place the ads anywhere on my site? . . . and won’t they be the wrong size or colour or look out of place?

No – Not at all because they are fully customisable and you can:

  1. Choose the size of your ads, both text and banner
  2. Place the ads wherever you want to – by pasting the HTML code into – your sidebar, header, within or after content etc.
  3. Change all the ads text colour to blend in with your sites colour theme

How will Google pay me for what I have earned from clicks?

Once you have set up your bank account details with google – they will pay you by ‘Electronic funds Transfer’. You can either choose to have your earnings paid to you on a monthly basis – or you can place it ‘on hold’ which means that you can leave it in your google account and watch it grow!

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