Can I Make My Own LAN?

A local area network is an information space which combines several computers. With the help of the local network one can transmit information, communicate and play computer games. Local networks can be offices, private and home.


Where should you start? And how do make a network and what is needed?

Suppose you need to combine three computers, then the list will look something like this:

  1.  Switch 5 ports – 1 pc.
  2. RJ-45 cable (also known as twisted pair) – a certain number of feet (you will have to measure and calculate it, but it is worth remembering that a distance from the switch to the computer of more than 320 meters isn’t desirable, and between the two switches can’t be more than 200 meters).
  3. More desirable is to buy nylon ties. Because if you remove the cable from your apartment or house, then ties will give you the opportunity to twisted pair attached to other wires or anything that could serve as a mount.
  4. Network card 100 Mbps – 3 pc. (Unless, of course, they were not there before or network card is not built into the motherboard of your computer).
  5. RJ-45 connector – 6 pc, but it is better to take with a reserve, since there is a risk of compressing the cord improperly.
  6. Device for crimping RJ-45 cable (twisted pair) – 1 pc. (It will stay with you in the future if your network will be expanded, it will be an indispensable tool).

Although, I think we should explain about the paragraph 6 of the list:

For example – if you connect two computers in one apartment, and you will not have to pass through a twisted pair to holes drilled in walls or ceilings, it is better to buy the right amount of cable and you can compress it in the shop. In other cases it is indispensable as it is difficult to provide the right amount of cable, and if 5 meters of it will be left, and you have already compressed it, you have two options – either to cut and re-compressing the cord, or to accept a skein of cable underfoot.
Also you will have to choose the place where to put the switch, so it does not interfere with anyone and had the best location in relation to all three participants in this adventure. Most often loft or an electrical panel is chosen for this.

After the cable installation there is another problem. What to do with a piece of wire, or rather how to stick it into the switch or network card.
That’s why we need the connectors and device for crimping.
Here we must look at the device of twisted pair. It consists of 8 small wires twisted two in 4 pairs. Each of the 8 cable has its own color; here is the procedure of correct accommodating of the wires in the connector before compressing them.

  1. way of swage: White and green, green, white and orange, blue, white and blue, orange, white and brown, brown
  2. way of swage: White and orange, orange, white and green, blue, white and blue, green, white and brown, brown.

Thus, if to compressing by the 1 or 2 ways from the two sides, then you will have a direct link used for connection between two switches or a switch with the computer.
If compressing by the 1 and 2 way from different sides the “cross” for the connection of the two computers will be. This is because the network card can transmit and receive information only on a particular contact, and if you will swage a twisted pair from both ends by the same way, in the end you will not have a network between two computers.

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