Can I Make My Printer Wireless?

 Yes – it is possible to make your printer wireless


You can make your printer wireless by following the five steps below:


  1. Install the printer drivers on every computer in the network that will use the printer. Drivers need to include the should a ‘wireless print server’, However – it is advisable to check on the manufacturer’s Web site to check and download any updated drivers.
  2. Connect the printer sever to the network via one computer, either wirelessly or using a USB or Ethernet cable.
  3. Run the installation software (CD) that came with the print server into every computer and follow the ‘setup’ directions.
  4. You will be prompted to enter the WEP encryption key code.
  5. Lastly –  test it is working by setting up a test print.

Newer innovative printers of today are network enabled and can be linked to a home network using the Ethernet port ‘or over Wi-Fi’.

Netgear wireless print server.
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