Can I name my house without contacting the Council?

You can name your home without having to inform the Council if under the following rules:

  1. If a property is already numbered
  2. The name does not conflict with an existing property name within that locality.
  3. The property number must aways be displayed and referred to in the adress.

For example: Rosehaven (not official address) 10, SUCH AND SUCH A ROAD, (official address) TOWN COUNTY POSTCODE. However – If the address includes an existing house name and no number then you will need to apply to the council in writing  if you wish to change the name.

Don’t choose a house name that will be considered offensive


Names that are deemed offensive will not go down well with your local council. For example a homeowner from Clapham, Bedfordshire, was banned from renaming his house ‘Hardcore Mansions’ . The Council thought it was ‘potentially offensive’.

Daniel Lewis, from Clapham, who has renamed his house ‘Hardcore Mansions’.


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