Can I Optimise Firefox for Mapquest?

If you are experiencing problems with Mapquest such as – unable to view images, you can optimise your firefox settings

Check Firefox to see if the web page images function is enabled. If you are not seeing any images, this setting may be disabled. Another similar feature within firefox allows you to command Firefox to download images, but only if they are physically located on the current Web sites server(s).

Mapquest UK Version

Here is how to optimise Firefox for Mapquest:

  1. Click on the ‘Tools’ menu at the top of the firefox browser
  2. Select  ‘Options’
  3. Click the ‘Web Features’ icon, (left side of the ‘Options’) window
  4. Ensure that the box ‘Load Images’ is ticked
  5. Ensure that the box ‘for the originating website only’ is NOT ticked
  6. Lastly click ‘OK’ in the bottom right corner of the ‘Options’ window

Note: You may need to refresh your browser or start firefox to see the results of the changes you have made.

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