Can I Park On A Single Yellow Line?


You can park on a single yellow line for limited periods only.


The amount of time you can spend parked on it depends entirely on the area you are in as each are have their own restrictions. You will find the permitted times on a notice plate within that zone.



Restrictions will vary depending on the probability of obstruction. Single yellow lines are put there for a good reason and parking there could put your self and other motorists and vehicles at danger. Some zones will allow 3 minutes to pick up passengers and 20 minutes for loading only – whereas other zones will permit you to park on the single yellow line between certain hours, such as none working hours between and


Disabled Badge Holders


If there are no kerb markings that indicate a loading restriction on a section of yellow line, disabled blue badge holders are permitted to park for there a maximum of 3 hours on both a single and double yellow line.

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