Can I prevent Heartburn?

Most people experience heartburn from time to time, particularly after a heavy meal such as a Christmas dinner

A lot of people mistake the sudden onset of symptoms as a heart problem, but the pain id due to stomach acid rising up in the gullet. Heartburn is nothing to do with heart problems but it is associated with digestion. eating, and posture.


How can I prevent heartburn?

Improve your eating habits:

  • Add  – more fruit, vegetables, and high fibre to your diet
  • Limit – spicy and fatty foods
  • Avoid acidic drinks and spirits
  • Eat little and often and chew food slowly

Sit up during and after meals:

  • Don’t eat slumped infront of the television
  • Don’t smoke immediately after consuming a large meal
  • Avoid stooping and bending at the waist

Allow enough time for your meal to be digested before going to bed:

  • Wait at least one hour after a meal before going to bed
  • Try raising you head at least 6 inches of the bed
  • Start off your sleep on your side rather than your back

Sources – PFC Health Experts.


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