Can I Put Barbed Wire On My Fence?

According to the  ‘Occupiers Liability Act 1884’  If you put barbed or razor wire on your fence reasonable precautions to prevent injury to other people must be taken

This includes injury to trespassers, caused by dangers on your property or boundary.


The ‘Occupiers Liabilty Act’ clearly  states that YOU are responsible for any injury someone receives


And…even if they don’t have permission to be on your property. The only acception to the rule – is that adequate signs were clearly in place to warn an intruder of any danger.

However – Adequate warning signs are not a guarantee that you are protected from possible compensation claims for injury caused.

For example:

  • If a child is injured climbing your barbed or razor covered walls or fences, the law is likely to consider that you have breached your duty of care.  Leaving you wide open to a  ‘No-Win-No-Fee’ compensation claim
  • Your warning signs are written in english and your non- speaking english intruder cannot read them
  • A person with a learning disability climbing your fence is unable to take adequate responsibility for his or her own safety

You can protect your property without causing harm to intruders and leaving your self wide open to insurance claims.


For instance – A Roller Barrier (Above ) is a ‘Non-Aggressive’ Anti Climb Barrier


That’s if it offers a practical and effective perimeter security – without the risk of intruders impaling or seriously injuring themselves. The rollers are wide and therefore difficult to grip fingers around and on to, and the rollers move in sections making it very difficult to clamber on to and over.


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