Can I Quit Smoking Without Going Cold Turkey?

Perhaps you have made a resolution to give up smoking? Congratulations!


Giving up smoking is the smartest decision you possibly can make for yourself. Are you planning to try to quit smoking cold turkey? Well, that will not be the easiest way to go about it. Do not get me wrong; any kind of attempt you make to quit smoking cigarettes is a good one. I simply want to help you become aware of some good info about quitting smoking cold turkey.

For starters you should know what your odds are of being successful whenever you try to quit smoking with no kind of assistance. Why don’t we just say your odds are not so hot. What research has revealed about quitting smoking cold turkey can vary but in general you only have about a 20% possibility of successfully stopping smoking cold turkey.

People who successfully quit smoking cold turkey frequently require numerous attempts to finally succeed. Once more, study results vary, but typically it takes approximately five attempts to give up smoking cold turkey before you can expect to be successful and actually stop smoking.

Now, it is a fact your amount of dedication can increase your probability of being successful, but determination just isn’t enough. Almost everybody who makes a decision to quit smoking feels quite determined to start off. Yet as the cravings to light up start creeping in that perseverance and “will power” begin fading and before they know it they are lighting up a smoke. They are left scratching their heads, becoming disappointed, and wondering “what the heck happened, I thought I was so determined.”

For anyone who is intent on giving up smoking you might want to think about getting some help. It is going to improve your odds of being successful, and you will not require as many attempts to actually succeed, perhaps just one attempt when you choose the best smoking cessation technique.

So what kind of help is best for stopping smoking?


You have several choices but there’s one smoking cessation method which has proven through test results to be highly successful at helping people break their cigarette smoking habit. I am referring to NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming. It’s a type of hypnotherapy that mixes traditional smoking cessation hypnotherapy with modern technology.

NLP is a form of self-applied hypnotherapy, meaning you don’t have to see a hypnotherapist or to be placed in a hypnotic trance. With NLP you can listen to a uniquely formatted recording which is designed to put the listener into a very peaceful and calm state. Once in this tranquil state the NLP recording works its magic targeting and removing the subconscious cravings to smoke cigarettes.

NLP has a different method from most stop smoking aids. As opposed to attempting to relieve the physical addiction to nicotine, NLP goes to the source of your smoking addiction and cleans away the cravings to smoke from your subconscious. After the cravings to light up are eliminated it is extremely easy to stop smoking cigarettes. NLP is much more successful and much easier than attempting to quit smoking cold turkey.

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