Can I Remove Hair Quickly With No No 8800?

In this post you will learn about the Nono hair removal system, if it truly works or not.

Let me start off by saying that I’m pretty hairy and it’s something that has concerned me my entire life. I’ve tried almost the lot there is including laser which is costly, sorrowful and requires a lot of time.

When I saw the advertisement of this item I hardly couldn’t resist. It seemed too good to be true. After the initial few weeks utilizing No no I thought I made a blunder because I didn’t notice a lot of difference but right now it’s been around 5 weeks & I’m seeing an enormous difference.

At present only about 20% of my facial and body hair is regrowing and its very soft and fluffy, and I am only required to utilize my nono hair removal system just once a week, as time goes I expect to get hair free. It really does work but it takes time and patience.

After ordering my nono hair removal I looked at reviews and troubled about making a blunder – I did not. Listed below are the key points to this item:

1. Charge over night – don’t cheat on this one!

2. You will need Patience and time! You may not notice soft skin the initial few times you use the Nono hair removal. I started on my forearms before using on my face to make sure I knew what I was doing. It took me around six to 30 minute sessions (for both arms) to totally acquire a “clean” look. Nevertheless it does work!

3. For me, buffing with the crystallized buffer is a “no no”. I’ve used one earlier and it breaks me out, as a result what I’ve found flourishing is to do a no no treatment and then bathe with a mild soap, and then moisturize. You will find what works for you.

4. I’m not sure concerning the balm – I do not really care for the bouquet and found that my Baby lotion works quiet well.

5. I’ve completed 2 sessions on the face & am content with the outcome so far. It took me some practice getting around the chin, but I ultimately got around it.

6. Clean the blade wire often, use the brush or blow it out using your breath.

I’ve not experienced any soreness, burns, rashes, or troubles with the no no hair removal.

I’ve utilized the product for about five weeks, just about 6 sessions on arms, 2 on both legs along with the face, blade still operating all right.

Not a five star rating though for the reason that it is not a quick hair removal system, but it’s well worth it. Prepare for burnt hair smell – I do it outside or make sure my partner is not at the house, subsequently shower and apply lotion. Up to now I am satisfied with the investment.

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  1. I am leaving in mumbai. So from where can i buy this no no hair removal system 8800 and does it really work. What is the price of this product and please provide me your customer care nos and website too.


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