Can I Run Software On The Commodore 64?

Here is a quick – step guide to loading your games on your c64



Pop the desired tape into the Datasette machine. To load whatever comes first from a tape in the special Datasette tape recorder:

Hold down ‘SHIFT’ and press the ‘RUN’ STOP’ key – if the play button on the Datassette is not already pressed down, the message ‘PRESS PLAY ON TAPE’ on the screen will prompt you to do so.




How Can I see What Is on A floppy Disk on The Commodore 64?


To see the contents of a floppy disk inside an attached Commodore 1541/1570/1571 floppy drive, type ‘LOAD “$”,8 and hit the RETURN key. And when it has finished loading, type’ LIST’ and press ‘RETURN’ to display the directory.


To load a specific file from the disk, type ‘LOAD’ “filename”,8,1 (where filename is the name of the PRoGram file you want to load) and press ‘RETURN’, and when it has  finished loading (after approximately a few minutes!), then type ‘RUN’

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