Can I see My Medical Records?

Medical Records – And Your Rights




All Patients have a legal right to view all medical records, set out by the ‘1998 Data Protection Act..


However, under certain circumstances  – medical professionals are entitled to withhold your right to reading medical records if:

  1. The records contain information that may be detrimental to your mental health
  2. The records contain information about a third party involved
  3. You are attempting to view someone else’s records – without a letter of consent

Apparently the NHS is intending to launch a new scheme this year, this means that you will be able to access your medical records over the internet. The electronic system which is a database is known as ‘Spine’. Patients will have  the choice of opting out of inclusion in the database, and although the new system is already proving controversial – government ministers are hoping that the database will revolutionalise the old system of filing heaps of paper files.

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