Can I Send Food To America?

You can post most foods to the USA as long as they are sent under the following conditions:

  1. Non-commercial address by a non-commercial shipper
  2. The food is clearly marked as a gift

Note: Any food parcel that is not clearly marked as being a gift may be destroyed.

However – If you are sending manufactured food to a commercial address – then due to the threat of bio-terrorist attacks  – From 12th December, 2003, the US Government issued new laws concerning the import of food and drink into the United States.

parcelpackaging Can I Send Just One Parcel By Your Couriers?

You will need to complete a pre-notification form

Items of food will not be accepted by Royal Mail or at your local Post Office unless you complete the relevant pre-notification form. You can fill the form in online at the ‘Food and Drug Administration’ (FDA), to give notice of its pre-arrival. When you have filled in the form – you will be issued a reference number by email. You will need to include this reference number on your customs form at Royal Mail. pre-notification form – LINK:

You may also like to consider using a worldwide gift distributor and send a food hamper – such as

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4 Replies to “Can I Send Food To America?”

  1. hi

    im sending a parcel to my american friend of irish things. I want to send a bottle of alcohol is this allowd..? and also do i have to declare the package first?


  2. I am trying to find out if i can send arnotts tim tam biscuits to America from Australia. I also wanted to send vegemite but i have been told i cannot send this. I do not want to break the law so I am hoping someone could help me please.

    Dawn Penhall

  3. The FDA has not imposed any ban on sending vegemite to the USA. You should not experience any problem sending the items you have listed. If you were sending a substantial quantity of vegemite from a commercial premises to another commercial premises then the FDA impose different rules. On personal goods sent to a friend or family member the rules change and are less stringent. Vegemite contains vitamin B, and it will be the vitamin B which is regulated in food when shipped in large commercial quantities.


  4. So if I were to send some lollies, biscuits like tim tams or choc chip cookies, chocolate bars, 2 minute noodles etc, that would be okay?

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