Can I Sleep On My Back While Pregnant?

This is one of the most frequent asked questions regarding sleeping positions during pregnancy

Unfortunately – You will often receive contradictory answers to this question but the answer is fairly straight forward and less complicated as wel-intended people make out.

So is it safe to sleep on my back?

Yes –  it is safe to sleep on your back during pregnancy, and it will not harm your baby. After 5 months of pregnancy, women naturally switch positions to feel more comfortable and make a trip to the bathroom.

Are there any exceptions?

There are a few exceptions – such as ‘preeclampsia’, ‘preterm labor’ or ‘placental insufficiency’ which would generally require full or partial bed rest. Also – During labour – uterine contractions can compromise the blood flow in the placenta so it is best that the expectant mum lies on her side.

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2 Replies to “Can I Sleep On My Back While Pregnant?”

  1. I slept on my back while pregant, the only thing it did with me is make me need the loo more as baby was on my bladder lol

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