Can I Style My Own Wedding Dress?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you were the 1 who will design your own wedding ceremony dress on your special  day?


Of course it would be. This is because you get the chance to make a statement with all the variations you would like to create in your wedding ceremony dress.

These days, because of the advent of technology and simple access to knowledge, much more and much more brides-to-be are getting into designing their personal wedding dresses. Unlike prior to when knowledge is limited in terms of style and its technicalities, modern brides can have their dream wedding ceremony dress created by themselves. Now, they can see their dream wedding dress created prior to their very own eyes the way they want it to become.

Considerations in designing your personal wedding ceremony dress

If you’re the type of bride who would want to appear totally unique, then you should learn how to design your personal wedding ceremony dress. This task may seem daunting at first, but if you really wish to do it your own way, you’ll overcome that “I couldn’t do it” mentality and start working.

A  major consideration if you would like to design your own wedding ceremony dress is time. This really is because the task itself would require so many time especially if you don’t have inborn knack for designing. If you’re dating and would wish to design your personal wedding dress in the future, now may be the best time to get started on it. Should you think you have more than enough time to style your personal wedding dress, then you should familiarize your self with the basics.

The very first thing that you have to do for those who have finally decided that you will design your personal wedding ceremony dress is to conduct a study. This research ought to include the different body types for each wedding ceremony dress, numerous wedding dress shapes, materials that can be used, styles that are in trend, cuts that will fit you, colours, and basic sewing information.

If you are content with your study, you can now proceed to the styling process.

Before you proceed, it is very essential for you to determine your body type in order to know which dress shape would look good on you. For those who have a tall frame, almost any style of wedding dress would appear good on you. If you are petite, it is better to stick with clean style and cuts simply because too numerous intricacies in the style could be overwhelming for the frame. If you’re pear shaped, it’s safe to stick with A-line princess cut wedding ceremony dresses to avoid exposing your waist. Should you do your study intently, you’ll discover that there are a lot of easy remedies when it comes to physical flaws.

You should also familiarize yourself with different dress shapes and cuts for wedding ceremony gowns including straight line, empire cut, ball gown, mermaid, and others so you are able to produce your personal variation if required.

The next consideration will be the fabrics you have chosen.

Since you are just starting, it’s best to consult a seamstress or tailor what may be the best fabric for your dream wedding gown. Their suggestion could be of much assist to you because you don’t have to be confused when you go to a fabric and textile store. This would also ensure which you wouldn’t be purchasing the wrong kind of dress for the dress. Other essential considerations include the color of fabric, embellishments to become utilized, and the sewing procedure.

If you would like to style your own wedding dress, you are able to do it in two ways: by traditional sketching or using the “design your personal wedding dress” programs in numerous bridal sites in the Internet.


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