Can I Take Tamiflu If I Am Pregnant?

You can take Tamiflu on the advice of  a doctor. The majority of  pregnant women with swine flu will only exhibit mild symptoms, as predicicted for most other people with no underlying health condition.




Generally though – pregnant women do have an increased risk of complications from any type of flu. This is due to the womans immune system being supressed in pregnancy. complications – such as  pneumonia are more likely to occur in the 2nd and 3rd trimester.




There is a risk (reatively small) that complications such as pnuemonia could result in premature labour or miscarriage. However – There is insufficient  data to give a percentage of  what the risk is.

According to the ‘Department of Health’  an inhaled version of Relenza will be available to pregnant women. An antiviral drug that treats flu without affecting the developing foetus.

However, Relenza will only be prescribed to pregnant women if their symptoms are not severe. Hence – if your doctor or midwife thinks that you need a stronger antiviral drug then you will be given Tamiflu instead.

Note: Overall – The risk of antiviral drugs treatment during pregnancy has been assessed  and proven to be relatively small compared to the health risks associated with the symptoms of swine flu.

All information is official and derives from recent NHS updates.<

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