Can I Test Myself For Low Blood Pressure?

Some people tend have a lower blood pressure than average without feeling any ill affects


Sometimes though – people can suffer from a specific type of low blood pressure called ‘postural hypotension’, which often occurs after a change in body position, typically when a person stands up from either a seated or lying position. This can make the person feel faint and dizzy and can also occur as a result of taking various medications – such as anti-depressants.


You can test for ‘postural hypotension’ simply by checking your blood pressure and heart rate measurements while lying, seated, and standing (with a two-minute delay in between each position change) ‘postural hypotension’, also known as’ Orthostatic Hypotension’ is likely if there is a drop in 20 mmHg of systolic pressure and a 10 mmHg drop in diastolic pressure, plus a 20 beats per minute (bpm) increase in heart rate.

However – It would be wise to visit your GP so that he or she can pinpoint/verify the cause.


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