Can I Twitter From My Phone?

So you want to know how to Twitter on your phone?


Erm.. which cave have you crawled out of ? LOL

Anyway for those of you that don’t have a clue here’s the answer:

Yes –  you can, but it’s Tweet...from your mobile phone not Twitter, (the author that wrote this post didn’t understand plurals back in 2009…GORMLESS TWIT, lol) and  as I was saying – you can even receive text messages from people that you have specified for updates.’Get in there’.

You can also send updates to Twitter while you are out and about!

e.g. You can tweet what you are up to such as , “going shopping FOR NEW TRACKIES, bus was empty, happy days 🙂 “

and Tweet  “just bought these bad boys, soooo fab”.

Yep…your Twitter followers will want to follow your every waking moment of the day….tweet…tweet…tweet..tweet…

I FORGOT TO MENTION THIS THOUGH: The rule is: You can only get away with self-focused tweets IF YOU ARE A CELEBRITY Damn!.

You see…Everyone wants to know what time celebrities wake up, take a pee and what new accessories they’ve bought for their Poodles and Chihuahua’s. Do you really think you’d rake in 11k favourites and 5k retweets for Tweeting that picy of your new shiny trackies? Think again pal.. you’ll need to get into acting Lea Michele..


If you are a Narcissist you’ll ignore these rules.


ANYHOW:  Here’s how to set up your Twitter Account on your mobile phone

Follow these easy steps to set up twitter up on your moble phone:

  1. Sign up free with
  2. Click on the ‘settings’ tab (top of page)
  3. Select – phone and IM
  4. Enter your mobile number & click ‘save’
  5. You will receive a text message of confirmation from twitter
  6. You can then up-date your twitter account by sending texts from your phone

Or: Just Press this button:

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