Can I Visit The Whitehouse?

 It is possible to visit the Whitehouse and for FREE! by following these easy steps:


US Citizens:

  1. First – Plan your trip with can include 10 people or more,
  2. Then submit a request to your member of Congress up to 6 months in advance for entry into the White House,
  3. Receive documentation for what you need to submit to the White House to be approved for the visit, such as names, driver’s licenses and birth certificates,
  4. Wait for confirmation of the planned visit to the White House.

Non – US Citizens:

The American Embassy in London is not eligible to process tickets to tour the White House. And Neither can the Embassy pre-arrange tours for British visitors. The only option you have is by contacting  the ‘British Embassy‘ in Washington. I must express though – that this may prove futile for non-USA citizens.


For further information – visit ‘The Whitehouse’ web site:

Or telephone  – the 24-hour Visitors Office Info on –  [1] (202) 456-7041.

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