Can I Wash My Cat?

Yes – You can wash your cat but you should only do this if it is totally neccessary, as cats are very clean animals and they do a pretty good job of cleaning themselves.



However  – if you do need to wash your cat due to his or her coat being contaminated with something that he or her cannot wash, then the following instructions will ensure safe washing:

  1. Prepare a container to bathe the cat in, use luke- warm water, and have a towel handy, (check instructions on shampoo bottle as this may have to be added to the water and not directly on the cat!
  2. Use a shampoo that is specifically manufatured for cats. DO NOT USE HUMAN SHAMPOO! A cats skin is different to a human beings. Also – if the cat is very young – don’t use a shampoo with an added flea repellant as this could cause skin irritation.
  3. If the cats coat is badly soiled – use 2 pair of hands, one to hold the cat and one to wash, as the cat may become extremely intolerant. Oh – and make sure windows and doors are shut.
  4. Gently towel dry the cat and keep him or her indoors until dry (and dish of nice warm milk after the event may help to settle the cat.


For grooming: use a pet grooming mitten – less messy and your pet thinks you are stroking it!

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