Can I Win Money On Football Spread Betting?

Football spread betting is a good betting game to have a punt.


Punters look into a prediction and then decide whether to bet higher (Buy) or lower (Sold). It appears uncomplicated and it is, Nevertheless it does have its draw backs. Some things you need to be aware of.

There are numerous of different bookies wanting your pennies and a lot of diverse football markets you put a punt on so be mindful.

If you’ve ever won a punt although been disappointed with your spoils because you were actually on the money with your prediction nevertheless the pay out was feeble then spread betting could be for you.

With spread betting, the more your prediction is right the bigger your pay out shall be but be warned the more your prediction is incorrect the more you could lose.


So how does this spread betting function?

Each time your wager does well through the game, say your team wins a corner, you earn more points.

So during a game, the team or individual you are backing can earn points for realizing specific criteria laid down by your bookie. For instance, if you put money on a player’s performance, they could earn the following points:

Goal scored: 25 points
Goal assist: 10 points
Shot on target: 5 points
Forcing a corner: 3 points
Free kick won: 3 points
Pass to own player in opposition half: 2 points
Free kick conceded (including offsides): -3 points
Yellow card: -10 points
Red card: -25 points

As an instance of how many points can be collected during a game, lets say Team Green is playing Team Red.

Now the bookies estimate that Team Greens striker’s performance will be about 60-65 points for this match. Therefore, if you thought the striker was going to play well, you would buy his performance at 65 points. If you staked $10, then for every point higher than 65 your bookie will multiply your stake by that amount.

So let say our striker recorded 73 points, so you have now won $80 – the difference between 65 and 73 x $10 = $80. But now this is the big BUT the bad news comes if our striker played badly and got a red card. He records only 50 points which means you now lose $150. That 65 – 50 x $10 that you have to pay the bookie. Not just the $10 you put down. So with Football spread betting. You can win big, but you can also lose more than your original stake.

What is exciting and exceptional about spread betting is that you don’t have to worry if the right player will score the first goal or your team will win with the correct score, like in fixed-odds betting.

As with every type of betting a valid familiarity with the topic is necassary, it pays to do your research and get a feel for how the market is going. A great spot to do this is and practice with funny money is OLBG. You can place bets and see how they go without losing cash. More appropriately if you do well you can win real money. They have daily hot tips which are based on how other punters are betting.
But it isn’t just football that punters can get involved with at OLBG because they cover a huge range of sports including racing, rugby, cricket, golf, and tennis from all over the world.

Before you decide to get into spread betting it pays to get some guidance and help in all its markets, along with how to use a ‘stop loss’ account which will cap the amount you can will won but better still put a cap on the amount you can lose.

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