Can Liquid Soil Binders Cut Down Road Dust & Air Pollution?

Road dust is a menace that can give rise to overwhelming effects


This is brought on mainly by dirt roads, development activities and storm erosion. The fugitive road dust that blows throughout may destroy the environment drastically. The foremost contributor toward road dust is unpaved roads which is 5 times higher than the other two elements. This is hard to manage too as it is typically around inhabited areas and can have serious health implications.

Importance of Re-surfacing Roads

A survey conducted by the University of Iowa prepared a report on road dust control and came to the unpredicted conclusion that for every vehicle that travels over unpaved road for a trivial distance of approximately a mile, one ton of dust is created annually. One must additionally keep in mind that not just a ton of dust is air borne; a ton of dust is misplaced from the road also. So it is simple to picture the terrible proportion in which resources are extracted from an unpaved road by the many cars that traverse over it.

This dust can journey up to five hundred feet upward and if assisted by wind then still more. It can really spread around in a large way. This can set off severe respiratory illness and other linked sicknesses in humans and other living things. Even plant life is hurt by the dust pollution particles in the air.

Utilize Liquid Soil Stabilizer for road dust control

There are quite a few dust control products that can be found for road dust but the most successful can be described as liquid soil stabilizer. The liquid binder attaches to the soil and binds the soil particles firmly in place. This prevents the dust from moving all over the place. In truth the liquid binder hardens the soil base and once it is in a solid status will not go back back to a liquid state.

Advantages of the Liquid Soil Stabilizer


  1. It truly is more effective than every other alternative also , the effect is permanent.
  2. It prevents consumption of water as a dust control agent. Water is just not very effective and is temporary as being a binder since the dust starts to fly around as soon as the water dries up.
  3. It’s a less expensive method as matched against other methods of road dust control. It doesn’t require regular maintenance as the effect is more or less permanent requiring very little maintenance.
  4. Application is simple and requires only a water truck with spray bar.
  5. It binds the dust together and replenishes the dirt layer which would otherwise be dislodged very easily.

This process also eliminates the cost of regular road repairs. It cuts down on the cost of use by 50% since it is inexpensive and long lasting. It reduces the daily labor essential to suppress the road dust.

This method of using a specific liquid soil stabilizer to fix the Road dust problem is extremely convenient and cost saving. The initial treatment is straightforward and doesn’t require complex equipments. Upkeep is done only if essential in an on-demand basis. The better part of this road dust management practice is how the top layer of soil settles down and becomes solid and much more everlasting in nature.

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