Can Lyme Disease Cause Temporary Memory Loss?

Michael and his brother were builders on Block Island, New York. Michael worked outside a lot due to the nature of his job. He began to experience frequent headaches which was unusual for him as well as aches in his joints. After taking regular doses of ibuprofen to dampen down the symptoms – he noticed that he began to make a lot of mistakes with his business accounts and that he had difficulty remembering what he had ordered during the week. His brother noticed that he was making a lot of mistakes and had to take over some of his duties.

Eventually – Michael went to see his doctor and she ased him if he had noticed any signs of a rash around the time when he had aching joints. Michael said that he may have had a rash but he was unsure.

Block Island is a notorious hotspot for Lyme disease –


…….so the doctor sent blood samples to the lab immediately. The blood tests came back inconclusive, and still uncertain she collected some cerebro spinal fluid via a lumbar puncture and sent it to a specialised laboratory that runs tests for Lyme disease. While waiting for the results which can take up to 3 weeks – she decided to put Michael on a course of ‘Doxycycine’ an antibiotic’ that treats Lyme disease. By the time the results had come back which tested positive for Lyme disease – Michael was already feeling a lot better, but he required more vigorous antibiotics intraveneously. It took Michael 6 weeks to recover and memory loss was one of the most frightening symptoms of the disease.

What causes Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease is caused by an organism, called spirochete, and is spread by ticks that pick up the organism by biting infected mice and deer. Most people get their bite from outside such as wooded areas but sometimes dogs or cats can carry the tick indoors where it can jump from the pet and on to the unsuspecting pet owner.

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