Can Marketing People Earn Respect?

The marketing team can be perceived as being: ‘THE FLUFFY PEN DEPARTMENT’

Marketing staff have creative skills they are sometimes not given credit for. Without their creative flair sales would suffer but it’s often the sales people that get the pat on the back when sales strt coming in.
It is extremely demoralising when a marketing person generates leads through brilliant email marketing, only to find that the employees doing the quotes get all the credit. Excellent marketing strategies increases annual turnover and adds worth and value to a company. On the downside the marketing person creates extra work for the sales team which can give them a nice pay rise. Sadly, the marketing person’s skills and hard work can go unnoticed. 

Marketing roles are grossly undervalued, yet as well as creative flair it requires a great deal of psychology into understanding what people want and how you can make that need more attractive to them. It’s a fact that some people don’t know what they actually want until they are presented with it.
Marketing is to enquiries and quotes…… what petrol is to a car. And what happens to car with no petrol?  Yep it comes to a halt.
To prove my value and worth I’d love to turn all of a company’s website and social media platforms into blank pages just for a few weeks and mail out blank product brochures just to see what happens.
From the start of every day you makes choices based on someone’s marketing ideas …. the shower gel you used, the cereal you ate, the car you drive to work…etc.  How many times have you seen a customer stood in a supermarket isle, (eyes glazed over) trying to decide which jar of jam to buy from 20 something + choices! It’s down to the attraction of the labels on those jars that will draw them in and likely determinate their choice.
Just try this for a while: Imagine every product you pick up from now on as having a blank white label.
Pass this message on folks, and please give your marketing team a pat on the back from time to time.  🙂
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