Can Massages Have Health Benefits?

We are all in the position to feel pressured by life at some point, whether it is the economy, work obligations, the requirements of a family, or our personal needs.


Our life can get to be quite a challenge at times, and when these pressures increase we can sometimes feel like we are not living at all. In today’s hectic lifestyles, our emotional and mental states can simply get out of hand, creating trouble in our relationships and even our health. Massages, although not a cure by themselves, are a very important part of recovering and keeping a healthy life.

How do massages increase our level of health?

Massage helps the balance and alignment of our body, and increases blood circulation and lymphatic system operation, allowing the body to be better nourished, and have an improved immune system to fight disease. Specific discomforts that are related to circulation or tension build up, like most cramps, headaches, fatigue, and tightness, can also be reduced in the process. Other areas that improve with increased blood flow are mental concentration and focus, creativity, skin condition, vision, and even metabolism.

Massage can fine tune muscle performance by creating additional synergy in the muscles operating more synchronously.


The sensation that results is that of uplifting and vibrant energy, and less drain from normal day to day activities, which allows a greater sense of inspiration and creativity. Aromatherapy is an additional feature that can further increase body stimulation from the massage as well to promote even higher levels of energy or relaxation.

Massage helps to keep the damage from stress in check.

Cortisol, a hormone linked with many serious health issues, is not meant to be destructive. Our body is a perfect creation, and in it, Cortisol’s intent is to improve our ability to react, increase focus, strength and even our problem solving ability. But the advantages provided by Cortisol are intended for short time spans as in emergencies, and must Cortisol must later be expelled from the body.

Long term exposure to high Cortisol levels has been linked with serious health problems.


People that normally live with a feeling of pressure in their chest and neck resulting from nervous tension are at a much higher risk of heart conditions, infertility, strokes, depression, insomnia, diabetes, and a long list of other problems. Massages can help to alleviate the body from high Cortisol levels by producing profound relaxation, which breaks the destructive cycle of the hormone, prolonging both our lifespan and our usefulness along the way.

The concept of healing through the hands has existed for millennia, and just recently is being substantiated scientifically, but for most people the biggest benefit is perhaps that the massage process is such an enriching and blissful experience in itself. Especially once you have a trusting and caring relationship with a talented masseuse.

It should come as no surprise that massage has been an indispensable part of the lives of people who could afford these types of services in just about every country of the world and throughout all of history. If you are interested in massages spas in Ft Lauderdale, FL  – be sure to get in touch with ‘Sinless Skin’ for their high level massage services.

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