Can MBT Shoes Help Back Pain?

I think the tabloids have unfairly put the dampers on MBT shoes with bad press
One tabloid based their judgment on some study where only 115 participants took part. The study concluded that the participants felt no improvement in their back pain after wearing MBT shoes. What do they expect.?.. Miracles! If the participants taking part had symptoms that were chronic then it’s ridiculous to assume that a pair of shoes is going to swiftly alleviate pain. Afterall, ibuprofen pills can only stop pain for a period of 2-4 hours so why would a pair of shoes be expected to prevent pain long-term?
I think MBT shoes will work better for people that have poor posture habits and are in the early stages of mild back and hip pain. Since I’ve have these shoes I can stand stationary for longer periods and my posture has improved. Also I’ve found that the thick soles act as a shock absorber for the spine, protecting it from impact and friction. Every ones back issues are different with varying wear and tear of the discs, so there is no point judging the shoes purely based on other people’s opinions. What doesn’t work for someone else may work for you. I bought my MBT shoes for a fraction of the retail price on Ebay and I absolutely love mine. I know they work for me because just wearing slippers around the house and shoes with heels causes aching in my lower back region.
My MBT shoes. Blue _ Wave
On a recent day trip to London I was on my feet for 7 hours and must have walked around 5 miles. I was nervous about the trip because I’d had back pain the evening before and I knew I’d be walking around London a lot. I couldn’t cancel the trip because I was taking my young granddaughters on the London Eye and they’d been incredibly excited about it for months. I’m quite certain that my back would not have held up without my MBT shoes. My feet were not even aching after boarding the train homeward bound.
From years of experience of back pain MBT shoes have been the best footwear for me
So my advice is to try and get a cheaper pair and try them out for yourself. Also, if you have never tried out this type of shoe before you may find they feel odd to walk in at first, I certainly did, and within minutes. Then one afternoon I wore them on a walking trip and took. I took no other trainers to change into so was forced to persevere with them. After walking for approx 1.5 miles I realised I was getting used to wearing them. I also recognised the benefits of the rocker soles that aided my forward steps. You will need to give them a fair trial before throwing them at the bottom of your wardrobe.
As mentioned previously, each person has different weak spots such as varying degress of back issues and pain, weak ankles, and knee problems.
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