Can Memristor Revolutionise Digital Data Storage?


A new technology of data store production process appeared on the horizon, which in prospect may force DRAM and NAND-memory out of the market. Created on its basis data stores provide high speed data transmission, will have continuous service, and their size will be only 4 nanometers.




HP invests tens of millions of dollars in the analysis of prospects for new technology. A hundred scientists and engineers are working on this problem. Other memory producers for sure also do not stand still.

Memristor is a passive element such as a capacitor or a resistor with unique properties. Its resistance varies depending on the direction of the current direction and the specified value is stored for many years after the power interruption. It’s an ideal variant for storing digital data.

Market potential

The technology itself is gorgeous, but if the manufacturers do not make it profitable, it does not take hold. In principle, memristors have all the makings for commercial success:

1. They can be produced in modern factories for the production of semiconductors. They differ a little in chemical characteristics, but the modernization of pipelines is quite accomplished.

2. One memristor replace several transistors at once it occupies less space, reduces power consumption and reduces costs.

3. 4 nanometers is just one-seventh the size of the most advanced 28-nanometer processors.

The most important thing- is surely paragraph 3. Scientists have already developed many technologies for the reduction of the size of the components in the 2-4 times compared to the present, but considering that each year the density of storages increases by 40%, this gives an advantage only in two- maximum four-years prosperity.

And since the establishment of a commercial version of the new technology takes a minimum of three years, the improvement obtained to be very insignificant. Manufacturers don’t hurry up to adopt new technologies because we are confident in the success of the old ones, and as a result unclaimed innovations gradually die.

However, the technology letting to reduce the size of components to 4 nanometers gets ahead of the modern flash and DRAM-technologies for ten years or maybe more. Even if the development of a commercial version is delayed for some reasons, memristors will be quite competitive for quite some time. That’s why HP is already working on a production prototype of a new data store.

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