Can Minerals and Vitamins Help Meniere’s Symptoms?

Below is a copy of an email I sent to a website that offer advice on Meniere’s disease


From what I understand certain vitamins and minerals work very well as a treatment. You may find that you have experienced similar problems to myself and the reply to my query very useful. Answers/advice to my query are underlined. Please refer to website at the end of this article for more information regarding vitamins and supplement treatment. .  .

I have been to my GP twice 6 months after the episode complaining of dizziness, disorientation, and ringing in my ear, but the GP’s are still adamant that it is Labyrinthitis.

“All this means is that your healing nerve housing is inflamed, but you already knew this is a name and just information..and doesn’t heal anything”

12 months on – and I am still experiencing symptoms, and have noted that wearing earplugs or inn ear earphones triggers off more symptoms.

“The very best thing you can do is to track WHEN your symptoms show up. The cause will have been before then. And if this is going on a lot, then make a chart to show the intensity of what you feel. Realize that YOU need to take leadership in all of this. As you can see your doctors are just noting what you feel”..

I can also feel a heartbeat/pulse in my ear when I bend over.

“Well that sounds like fluid.. its congestion FROM some cause..fluid is the body’s cleaning out system, to heal your body”..

The worst aspect of it is feeling totally stupid when I am out and about. This is because I feel disorientated, and unsteady on my feet.

“Do your own blood pressure somehow..not at a doctor’s office (it will be higher) but low BP can give you all these symptoms?”

A few days ago I was walking my little dog on the canal when a larger dog bolted past me. I was standing approx 2ft from the waters edge on the towpath, but felt like I was actually falling in the water!

I have also recently questioned my son about the floors in our home, because it feels like the foundations have subsided and all the floors are uneven. Sometimes I misjudge the width of the door frames and walk into them. I am age 52, and I have also just started having menopause symptoms, although these are only mild at the moment.

“Ignore this for now..UNLESS you are taking drugs for it…let nature takes its course. Your body needs to go through this change”

What I would like to know is whether Meniere’s disease can affect cognition, memory, and dexterity? i.e. typing this email has taken me longer than usual, and it seems more difficult to navigate from one key to another on the keyboard.  My left ear seems to be the problem. I have no ear pain, but sometimes it feels blocked. I have also noticed that wax in my ears is runny (not of a gluey consistency) and dries hard into a thin layer.

“any sinus problems?”

By the way – the acute episode occurred shortly after having my ears syringed.

“Important date to note. You were fine before that!!!”

A lot of the time – I feel mildly drunk. And I am very stressed out about it as I need to go back into employment.

“If you take Propranolol daily (and maybe other drugs???), it will lower your blood pressure and if you are on a low salt diet, it will do it even more…but as I said, YOU will have to play doctor for yourself… this is all about cause and effect. Absolutely NOTHING ever happens in our bodies without a cause”

The thought of work scares me because I don’t feel that I could hold down a job properly in my condition. Even grocery shopping wears me out, and I feel exhausted with the slight dizzy feeling

“Thank you so much for taking the time to write your notes. Please realize that I am only trying to help you understand what may be going on in your body. I have no wish to offer any diagnosis or treatment. But if this were me, I would be see some very real areas for concern.  I have sent you our observations email. This is a list of causes that other people have “found and fixed” for themselves. I thought it might be of interest to you?”

“I also want to add some more comments below: 

Let me give you a brief science lesson. That way you can think this through for yourself in the future. Then I want to point out some highlighted words to you. Please realize and understand that absolutely nothing ever happens in our bodies without a cause. (That is a scientific fact.) And that cause always happens before you feel anything (another scientific fact). But YOU have to look for the cause of your symptoms. Study the observations email closely for ideas. Doctors are trained to treat symptoms. That is their job. That is why you go to them. But YOU need to look at what might be causing these symptoms. That will be your responsibility. The observation email gives you a huge list of possible causes. Each one has been a cause for someone. We simply collected the ideas when people told us that once they fixed the cause, their symptoms were gone. Any (diagnostic) name doesn’t matter. Your symptoms have to have an underlying cause. So look for that. The purpose of the supplements we talk about is to support and enhance your health. I haven’t sent that because I want you to think about this without any “distractions” If the cause is really easy to spot and fix, do it first. Otherwise, seriously consider the supplements to strengthen your overall health. Then search for the underlying cause .Healthy people deal with these kinds of “disturbances” much better.

Examine your Meniere ’s disease questions: Approx 18 months ago as I was sleeping I became aware that I felt very unwell. I sat upright in bed and felt much disorientated. I felt panicky as I thought I may be having a stroke. As I felt unwell, I attempted to lie back down on my side, and as I did, I had a very acute spinning sensation. I vomited where as I was lying as I had zero control to stop it.

After lying there on my side for approx 5 minutes – I attempted to move my head, but the spinning started again. And I realized that even moving my eyes from side to side prompted nausea. It was a terrifying experience, and to cut a long story short – I had to have the GP out in the early hours of the morning. She diagnosed Labyrinthitus, and prescribed propranolol.

Propranolol may cause side effects. Tell your doctor if any of these symptoms are severe or do not go away:

·         Dizziness or lightheadedness

·         Difficulty sleeping

·         Excessive tiredness

·         Upset stomach

·         Vomiting

·         Rash

·         Diarrhea

·         Constipation

I KNOW this started after the ear syringing, and that could by itself have caused a lot of inner ear pressure and irritation.

1) So that could be ONE cause. But I also wonder if there isn’t another possible cause.

As you go over the observations email I just sent, keep this date in mind. Get the real true date and keep it close. It is very important!!

2) Did you start any new procedures, treatments, for ANY other part of your body? Your body is connected from your had to your toes..and your blood system connects what you take for one part, influences your entire body.

3) I included some of the side effects of Propranolol. It is a serious drug. So I wonder what your blood pressure is. I suspect it’s low and that could give you’s called hypotension : look it up on  MedlinePlus..




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