Can Mining Have A Negative Effect On The Ecosystem?

If not correctly handled and perfectly organized, mining exploration, unsurprisingly, turns out to be one of the most damaging activities to our environment. Mining is truly capable in harming the ecosystem and cause land degradation as well as air, water and land pollution. Moreover, it also has negative effects to human health and leads to various social, economic and political disorders.

In spite of this, the mining operation is valuable in our economy. The mining operation definitely increase new employment, people’s income that causes to the rise of the need for goods and services and tax incomes for nations. Simply, the mining activities will cause the financial increase and decrease the shortage.

Hence, it is challenge to uncover ways and methods to trim down the damaging impacts emerged from the mining activities. The following are some methods how to at least decrease the nature damage origininated by mining activities:

1. The mining company ought to control correct and serious research before mining process. The study is to discover and reduce the negative impact of this activitie on natural environment as well as how to efficiently make use of the mineral resources.

2. Reducing the mineral use. People ought to lower the consumer goods using mineral products. For example: we can use public transit instead of individual cars to reduce the oil consumption.

3. Making replacement with more friendly resources. For example: to create appliances, we substitute metal with plastic.

4. Recycling used materials to reduce another materials mined. It takes far less power to reprocess discarded materials (like tin cans) than to extract, process, and refine metals from ore. For example, to create aluminum, we uses 95% less energy when using second-hand resources rather than from bauxite ore.

5. Improving ecological performance. By analytically investigating the effects of mining on natural environment, it is still promising to diminish the bad impacts of mining.

6. Creating rules and mining guide to improve environmental performance that must be obeyed by the mining companies and some penalties who are unsuccessful to obey. At this juncture, the authority has power to control the mining activities.

7. Adapting new and ground-breaking machinery to carry out the best mining activities and practices in order to minimize the environmental contamination to our environment.

In conclusion, we comprehend that mining process definitely creates bad effects on our environments if improperly run. What we can do is how to minimize the adverse environmental impacts of mineral exploration on ecosystem. With those points described above, we expect that the mining company pay attention and be accountable of the balanced ecology.

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  1. Indeed! The environmental impact of mining includes: erosion, sinkholes, loss of biodiversity, and contamination of soil. Thank you for your support.

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