Can More Sleep Burn More Fat?

The stresses of everyday life can affect how much and well we sleep


Emotional stress in particular causes stress on the body, thus causing sleep deprivation – hence leading to overeating and food cravings.

According to a scientific study – lack os sleep doesn’t only create food cravings and disrupts sleep – sleep deprivation itself disrupts the body’s normal ability to regulate and control blood sugar. Also – weight related hormones such as cortisol and various thyroid hormones also suffer.


How do hormones effect the fat my body burns?

Hormone imbalances in the body encourages cells to store excess fat – lowering your body’s natural fat burning abilitiy. Research has shown that your body can take up to 3 consecutive nights of 9 hours of sleep to correct the hormone imbalances and return your body back to normal. Therefore – staying up late, eating late, and not getting enough sleep can cause havoc on your body, store fat, and cause weight gain.

Sources: Dr. Wayler, ‘The Sugar Solution’. Sari Harrar.

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