Can my Ice Cubes Become Contaminated In The Freezer?

Ice cubes can become contaminated if they are placed in a freezer where there are other food stuffs that are not correctly covered. I.e. sealed in freezer bags or plastic containers.

It is best practice that ice cubes are kept in a seperate container such as the icebox compartment of the freezer where they can not become contaminated, but if this is not possible – place them in a freezer draw that contains potato or vegetables foods, ensuring that the freezer drawers that contain any possible contaminating food are on the bottom of your freezer.

This will ensure that foods that could contaminate the ice cubes such as meat juices and dairy produce will not drip into them. Most people assume that ice-cubes are free of bacteria but scientif test have shown that a high percentage of them in every day use have some kind of bacteria.

For example: If staff in pubs and restaurants don’t wash their hands prior to using ice-cube tongs -the bacteria can be transfered to the ice-cube bucket.

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