Can my kids catch worms from my dog?

Humans can catch worms from dogs through the dogs faeces…

And also from the dog licking it’s rear end and then licking the child.

Therefore it is extremely important to treat dogs for worms regularly,  for instance  –  every six weeks when they are puppies, and then every six months after the dog reaches age 6 months.

Children should be made aware of and taught good hygiene practices when around dogs, such as washing their hands after contact with the dog and not allowing dogs to lick their faeces.The disease ‘Toxocariasis’ is an infection caused by the larvae of parasitic worms. Toxocara canis (dogs) and Toxocara cati (cats). The parasites live in the intestines of dogs and cats.

Adults should also discourage dogs from licking children. Puppies can easily be tought this rule before they get into the bad habit of licking. Faeces should be cleared up from back yards swiftly to prevent it from comming into contact with young toddlers, e.g. from playing with a ball or in their shoes. The worm eggs can also stick to people’s hands or feet, and can be transfered to the mouth and ingested in some cases.

Types of Worms That Can Dogs Pass to Humans

There are three types of dog worms that can be passed to humans:

  • roundworms
  • hookworms
  • tapeworms

Roundworms and hookworms are the most common worms that humans can contract. Tapeworms can be contracted on very rare occasions.

A little girl (Amiee Langdo below) nearly lost an eye to toxosiscariasis. The infection caused optical cellulosis, which ultimately if not treated successfully can lead to blindness and even death if not treated swiftly. Her mother (a nurse) acted very quickly in getting hospital treatment. Some parents may not realise the seriousness of the symptoms and could assume that it’s just a regular eye infection.


A TODDLER could have lost her eye after getting a rare infection from dog poo in a park playground . Amiee Langdo, put her hand down as she tumbled over, then wiped her left eye.

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