Can Nanoparticles Be As Harmful As Asbestos?

Studies have shown that tiny nanoparticles are million times smaller than a grain of sand


They have similar properties to asbestos and could pose a significant risk to health such as lung cancer. The term nano derives from the size of the particles – one nanometre, a millionth of a millimetre, in diameter.  Do you recall decades ago when asbestos health risks were swept under the carpet? Asbestos still kills today. Are nanoparticles going to be the next big killer claiming thousands of victims?


Despite concers nanotechnology usage has increased over the years where approximately two million tons are used by hundreds of manufacturers in many products such as car tyres, sports clothing, medicines, beauty creams, and food

Some products containing nanoparticles.
According to the consumer group ‘Which?’ companies are not declaring their use of nanoparticles, especially in beauty produce and suncreams


Nano silver is often used in sports clothing to kill off odour producing bacteria. Clinical tests concluded that the substance; when released into the environment, during laundering, is more toxic than bleach.

‘Lung damage is a major concern surrounding nanotechnology’ as research studies have shown that most nanoparticles migrate to the lungs and have a toxic affect – triggering a programmed cell death known as ‘autophagic cell death’.

Whether other body organs could be affected is not yet founded.  A scientific study concluded that certain types of carbon nanotubes are very similar to asbestos fibers shape and dimensions. When tested on animals tissues exposed to the nanotubes caused inflammation and lesions.

Yet little has been spent on research into the effects of nanoparticles on human health compared to the vast sums of money poured into new uses for nanoparticles.

Should we be concerned?

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