Can NFP News Release With Oracle Trader Be Highly Profitable?

Watching this shocking M3 Forex Software Video predicting the DOW crumble days before it actually happened. Forex Mastery and the M3 Forex Navigator is the game changer for forex traders. Forex Mastery 2.0 System will make many millionaires in this decade. Get this News Trading Cheatsheet by Henry Liu FREE. Download a FREE COPY of the Oracle Trader Software just now. Dustin Pass: Yesterday I informed you that you have the rare and limited opportunity to try OracleTrader for two months for under $500 bucks! You haven’t registered yet, and NOW is the time to take action. Why? For two MAJOR REASONS:

Reason 1: This very unusual and limited offer expires Friday night and it’s NOT coming back. This is the ONLY time we will waive the annual activation fee of $2,470!

Reason 2: Friday morning is the US Non-Farm Payroll news release – one of my favorites because it’s frequently a major money-maker (because its a major market-mover)!

You need to take action now so that you are ready to profit! Here is the special registration link that you are allowed access to for a limited time…Last month this Non-Farm Payroll (NFP) release had a significant deviation, and OracleTrader users reported major profits, read these comments:

– Fred M: This is exciting trading!

– Unknown: 2 positions – 49 pips 1st position and 29 pips second position

– Michael: My first trade + 26 pips

– BARRY B: Took 30 pips on 2 accounts

– Candy G: 44 pips for me on EUR/CAD

– Unknown: 30 and 41 pips

– Unknown: I was in and out of the trade so fast that I missed what happened. But I’m showing a profit of $92.45

– Unknown: Made £1560

– Tim W: Took profit over $1,000 dollars!

I understand that you may be skeptical, but last month the traders who gave OracleTrader a chance made close to 100 pips on this very same trade by using OracleTrader, they now know that OracleTrader can in fact predict market direction! Just look at some of these other comments from the brand new OracleTrader users during last month’s Non-Farm Payroll trade from the Profit Center trade room:

– First Day – 3 Sessions 121 PIPS!!! What a way to start the weekend!!!

– NATACHA G: I got 63 pips, first day!! Thanks

– Unknown: I got 180 pips over 4 accounts! Sweet!

– Michael C: +100 for the day, excellent

– John W: First trade 50pips! thanks great job!

I want you add your name to this list. Besides tomorrow’s NFP release, there are more news releases coming out soon, and with OracleTrader, you can profit from them, quickly, easily, and affordably!Again, here’s how to take advantage of this stellar offer…Want MORE proof that NOW is the time to register? OK, not only did August’s NFP trade hit the jackpot, so did June’s!

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