Can Noise Pollution Increase Heart Disease Risk?

According to the ‘World Health Organisation’ any type of disturbing sound is identified as noise pollution


Until recently – the wretched effects of noise pollution on ones health was considered vague but new data concludes that irritating noise leads to elevated levels of stress hormones for example, cortisol, adrenaline, and noradrenalin hence resulting in hypertension – reinforcing the risk of a stroke TIA, heart disease, and immune deficiencies.

The worst culprits causing stress are air and road traffic noise, plus thumping music, but other bothersome and prolonged noise such as a relentless yapping dogs or continuous noise from D.I.Y enthusiasts next door can increase ones stress levels significantly and lead to raised blood pressure levels.

As an example – John Stewert, who formed the ‘National Noise Pressure Group’ was seriously afflicted by constant noise pollution when a flight path at London’s Heathrow was altered – resulting in planes flying above his flat on average of every 90 seconds. His sleep was badly impaired and he suffered high heart palpitations. After visits to his Doctor, and discovering that his blood pressure was above the recommended level, his doctor confirmed that he needed to take imperative and swift action to improve his current stress levels. He moved from his flat and his blood pressure eventually returned to normal.

Also – A scientific study conducted by ‘Cornell University, New York’ concluded that |workers in an open-plan office subjected to |irritating, and prolonged noise from telephones, machinery, and chitter-chatter showed elevated levels of adrenaline in their urine samples than other employees  working in a  less noisy self-contained work station.

What attributes to noise pollution?


Most health professionals agree that any sort of noise that is prompting you to feel irritated and stressed over a lengthy time} is detrimental to ones well-being. The most damaging scenario being: you are in a situation where you cannot take control of the offending circumstances, hence – feel powerless and helpless.

Moreover – According to Deepak Prasher, Professor of Audiology (University College London), most people are completely oblivious concerning the hidden physiological effects taking hold as they gradually become accustomed to noise over time. Female who tend to rate themselves to be especially sensitive to noise pose an 80% increased risk of cardiovascular mortality.

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