Can Nurses Have Tattoos?

Nurses do have tattoos but if you are considering having one prior to applying for a nursing  job then there are several points you need to consider:

  1. Generally – women with tattoos tend to me more stigmatised than men
  2. Tattoos can be judged by some employers, i.e.  see you as unprofessional and this may impede your chances of being successful in a job interview
  3. Some patients  – particularly the older generation may have slightly less trust towards you than your none-tattooed colleagues


Should Nurses avoid having any tattoos all together then?

If you really want tattoos without spoiling your credibility as a professional employee – then you are best having them where they are discreet (hidden under clothing). If you are studying within the medical profession, i.e. to be a Doctor or a nurse you need to consider that there are new health and safety rules concerning how work clothing is worn. . .

For instance – due to the outbreak of MRSA medical staff have now been advised that sleeves on clothing should not go beyond the elbow. This is to cut down the chances of the virus being carried on the cuffs and also to ensure that hands and arms can be washed more adequately.

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