Can Nutmeg Numb Nerve Pain?

Diabetes can cause nerve damage which occurs after prolonged high blood glucose in the blood, leading to nerve damage.

The condition ‘ Diabetic Neuropathy’ affects up to 70 percent of diabetics.



Symptoms commonly occur in the legs and feet and include:

  • Tingling sensation
  • Numbness (severe or long-term numbness can become permanent)
  • Burning (particularly at night-time)
  • Pain

Scientists at the ‘University of West Indies’, are testing a spray which contains nutmeg

The spray will be applied to patients affected areas 3 times per day over a four-week period. In earlier trials –  nutmeg has already been proven to have anti-inflammatory properties.

UPDATE: Nut-Med information and availability!


The KEY Pain Relief formula is in the nut, of the  NUTMEG tree.

Nut-Med is simple to spray on and saturate the affected area.  The fragrance is very pleasant and totally soaks in after 15 minutes.  The oils are feathery lightest oilswhich deeply penetrate the skin to do their work.  There is no oily residue and no unsightly staining whatsoever.  Nut-Med is not tested on animals and the nutmeg used is organically grown.


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