Can Nutrients Help Asthma And Allergy Sufferers?

World Renowned Dr. Joel Wallach B.s., DVM, ND, says…Asthma is really a deficiency of three nutrients: magnesium, manganese, and the essential fatty acids (EFA).

By taking the 90 essential nutrients twice each day you’re going to get the optimal amounts of the plant-derived colloidal and the chelated manganese and magnesium. Then, by taking minimum daily requirements of the 9 grams of the essential fatty acids, that would be 3 of the Ultimate EFA capsules with each meal, 9 per day, that’s going to give you the minimum daily requirement of the essential fatty acids, and those three nutrients together – magnesium, manganese, essential fatty acids, will allow you to produce what’s called prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are short-lived hormones that last in your bloodstream 30 seconds, 60 seconds. So your body is continuously making them, kind of rapid-fire, and when you don’t have those three nutrients you’re not producing the proper prostaglandin’s to keep your bronchi and your tracheae open, and that’s when you develop asthma.

It’s very common when people take all 90 essential nutrients including the magnesium and manganese and the essential fatty acids, within weeks or months the tightness that’s a constant tightness in their chest is significantly reduced, from 8 even totally relieved. The frequency and severity of their asthma attacks significantly is reduced. Certainly still keep an inhaler available just in case you have some unexpected emergency, kind of like wearing your seat belt. Even though you’re on a smooth flight and you’re not going to anticipate sudden turbulence, you need to be prepared for emergencies, but you have every honest expectation of doing very well.


Then, as far as inhalant allergies from dust and pollen, seasonal ones from dust and pollen, and maybe constant ones from dandlers on cats and dogs and chickens and feathers and your pillows and that kind of thing, maybe even chemicals that come out of rugs, and new cars, like formaldehyde and other chemicals, you want to get your immune system working optimally so it can protect you from these things, because most people are able to tolerate them. And what happens is when your immune system doesn’t have enough nutrition to function optimally you become a victim of these things assaulting you all the time.

so what you want to do is 1) take all 90 essential nutrients so that your immune system, which includes your liver and your spleen, your tonsils and your appendix, your thymus, your white blood cells which include the neutrophils and the lymphocytes, the killer lymphocytes – the T-cells and so forth, also you have eosinophils and basophiles, you have neutraphils… all of these white blood cells, you have albumins and globulins which are the immune proteins, you have antibodies themselves, you have your digestive system, your skin, your tears, your mucous, – all of that requires 90 essential nutrients to produce this immune system which is not just your killer T-cells, it includes all of these tissues and cells and organs of your body.

Also if you have these types of problems, you want to get one of these hepa filters at your workplace and your home when you sleep. You can get ones that you plug in your car. You want to eat as much organically grown food as possible. You want to drink filtered water. You want to get as many chemicals out of your diet as possible and reduce this pressure on your immune system.

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