Can Pawpaw Help Shrink Cancerous Tumours?

According to Dr. J. Mclaughen a Professor of ‘Pharmacognosy’ at Purdue University a certain compound found in pawpaw fruit has healing properties


The unique compound ‘annonaceous acetogenins’ has been tested in laboratory trials and was found to possess potent fighting properties against cancer cells. Acetogenin  – (a natural fatty substance) varied in potency during different seasons and higher levels of it were found in the twigs of the shrub.

Pawpaw Fruit
Dr. J. Mclaughen who has researched Pawpaw as a potential medicine for 25 years and developed Pawpaw in supplement form


The fruit has around 8 different varieties and it is only the variety ‘Asimina triloba’ that has the special compound ‘Acetogenin’.

Can I purchase Pawpaw?

Yes you can buy it in capsule form online – but be careful where you buy it from as many companies claim that their products contain the unique compound found in Pawpaw, but they are likely to be weaker versions of the official Pawpaw product called ‘Pawpaw cell-Reg’.

Pawpaw cell-Reg Supplements


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5 Replies to “Can Pawpaw Help Shrink Cancerous Tumours?”

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  2. Will somebody answer two questions about Pawpaw?

    Can I grow it in Toronto? Will it survive the
    harsh winter here? From where can I can get its
    seeds? How much time it takes to flower and the
    fruit to ripen? The summer periods in Ontario are
    short and my experiments with growing vegetables have met with difficulties and lot of expense.
    More than if you can send me an e mail.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if pawpaw helped cancer, There are a lot of food compounds that can help, they are just not understood. salvesterols are another one found in strawberries.

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