Can Pawpaw Inhibit Cancer and Mesothelioma Tumours?

What is pawpaw?


The pawpaw is a large shrub that can be found in many areas of North America. The fruit looks like a large yellowish/green berry and is approximately between 5 and15 centimeters in length, and contains brown coloured seeds embedded in its soft fruit pulp.

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According to many who have eaten the fruit – it tastes really delicious like a creamy coconut banana flavour. The fruit is not viable commercially as it rapidly spoils once harvested. It also contains high nutrients, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates.


Pawpaw Fruit


People tend to think that the fruit is related to papaya fruit as it is similar in appearance but the two fruits are not at all related. Pawpaw consists of approximately 8 different varieties and one of them in particular – ‘Asimina triloba’ has been scientifically researched for its potential medicinal properties.


Dr. J. Mclaughen a Professor of ‘Pharmacognosy’ at Purdue University, and who has studied this particular species for the past 20 years found it to contain a special compound called ‘annonaceous acetogenins’. Acetogenin is a natural fatty acid and possesses some very unique properties. In laboratory trials – the special compound was found to exhibit powerful properties in fighting cancer cells.

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