Can Peoplez wireles Excite 2k Independent Representatives?

People Helping People, a little Known organization headquartered in Charlotte, NC has been making its solution and products in the past 6 months..


The multi-level marketing business may perhaps never be the same after this past weekend of May 14 & fifteen, 2010 kick-off launch of People Helping People in Raleigh, NC. . The cell phone division of People Helping People is called PeopleZ Wireless. The company’s head products or services is prepaid mobile service that will actually operate on the 4 major mobile phone networks.

Peoplez wireless starts with three cell phone service offerings at $49.99, $69.99 and $89.99. The cellular phone service is pre pay meaning that these effortless factors are in place:

1) No credit checks.

2) No deposits.

3) No application fee.

4) No contracts.

5) No fine print.

6) No contract unlimited cell phones.

PeopleZ Wireless has developed their particular service plans to be reasonably-priced and simple to acquire. The aforementioned rate plans include all telecom taxes. The consumers will be able to to pick phones which have GSM and CDMA cellular technologies. Additionally, those potential consumers with existing GSM based phones may obtain a sim card from peopleZ Wireless and keep their existing phones. Lots of types of CDMA smartphone can be obtained from the company with shipping within 7 to 10 days.

PeopleZ Wireless Customer Service available right now.

PeopleZ Wireless has made the time and effort to service their own client base and independent representatives coming from day one using a trained customer support team to deal with concerns and shipping problems. Customer care and support is vitally important for a new business. A live voice on the phone can make the difference in keeping a consumer or independent rep. Those independent sales reps as well as consumers which are local to the corporate head office are encouraged to visit in person for virtually any challenges or are encouraged to drop by to say hello and meet the staff.

PeopleZ Wireless intends to continue to explore unique products and services for its independent sales reps to promote. The company has an emphasis on marketing its products direct to clients. This reliance on a realistic customer platform can help the business develop with a robust base. Additionally, this particular customer acquisition concentration is essential for independent distributors to advance higher in the company’s compensation plan. This is where PeopleZ Wireless safe guards the independent reps and the business. This forward thinking will pay huge dividends years from now.

People helping people is just not the name of this new start up company but rather their credo in which this company operates. People Helping People has made a commitment to give back to other people who might be less fortunate. The charties will be announced soon. People Helping People believes that 3 helping 3 and paying it forward brings hope and responsibility to all people.

Author: Blake Ryan like to write articles about Network Marketing industry and how small businesses can benefit the products and services.

PeoplesZ Wireless is a registered trademark of People Helping People Inc., and not responsible for nor endorses the content of this article.

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