Can Pets With Allergies Be Treated With Homeopathic Medicine?

Pets – just like humans are suffering more from allergies than ever before

Allergies including grass pollen, yeast and even grains in food can be problematic for cats, dogs, and horses, etc.

If you’re pet has an allergy – changes in your pets skin is probably the first signs you notice. Also – look for swellings around the eyes, mouth, nose, and even joints, and your pet may be thirstier than usual.

The first step to take – is to eliminate possible causes is to look at their whole environment:

  • Change plastic feeding bowls or cheap metal ones and buy the best you can afford (a pot one is ideal)
  • Do not use cheap synthetic collars because they are in fashion, (quality leather one will be less irritating)
  • Re-examine their diets, If were of the ingredients in commercial dog food you wouldn’t feed it to your dogs. Eating the wrong foods can also cause a discharge, not just the skin, but through their ears too, as the body needs to release the toxins somehow. (Your pet may be better off on home-cooked food)

Sadly – some pet owners will end up having their very much loved pet re-homed or worse still put to sleep.  This is due to expensive Vets bills, and when the owner can no longer cope with their troublesome condition. The pet often gets re-homed along with the unresolved health problem and may wind up being re-homed again and again.

Owners are often left feeling exhausted and at a loss concerning what to do. But by giving up and re-homing your pet – you have lost a real friend and your pet still has the unresolved health issues.

So before you cave in under all of the frustration and heaps of vet bills – please do look into natural homeopathic remedies as these could work where other manufactured medicines have failed.

Homeopathy is used more now than ever before in the recovery from illness or disease. Homeopathy is a natural form of ingredients mainly derived from plants that have been credited for their medicinal properties.


About the Author:


Beverley Stretton – a registered therapist for humans & animals Sponsored by Simpsons of Langley & The Natural Dog Food co. She produced her own ‘Relaxing Thyme’s herbal products’ is a registered therapist and has been selling her herbal products in 11 countries with Dezynadog Ltd & Kennelgate pet stores. Her pet products and massage treatment for dogs are becoming highly recommended by vets as she has successfully treated pets on long-term steroid use and her products have been proven to clear-up stubborn infections.

What Beverley says about her work:


“Having saved pets from being put to sleep is a wonderful feeling. When a dog has lost the use of their limbs or back, a therapist can often help the animal to recover through massage.  After- all you wouldn’t put your partner to sleep if they slipped a disc would you.”



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