Can Pop Art Be A Worthwhile Investment?

Pop art is a movement in the modern art, it began in Great Britain in the middle 50s of the last century


A few years later pop art movement moved into the culture of the United States. The works of pop art usually have characters that are popular in comic books and advertising and anyone else who is very popular in mass culture. Pop art design extensively uses irony. Even the most down to earth and prosaic subject can be painted or drawn in the way that is truly a work of art.



Sometimes the images that are common in every day advertising become the most intriguing pieces of painting. Pieces of paintings that are done in the style of pop art differed between Great Britain and the United States paintings, even though this movement was directed to the pop art movement in both countries. In Great Britain the pieces of paintings imaged what used to be popular in the United States. In the United States irony, parody and secular reality are shown in pieces of painting in pop art. Pablo Picasso was one of the founders of the Cubism movement, but there is also a widespread opinion that Pablo Picasso paved partially cobbled the way for future pop artists.

The works of pop art were not always made from paint on canvas. Faces painted onto furniture were counted as the works of pop art, drawings on paper, paint applied to material backgrounds and many other objects were counted are the works of pop art too. For example flag painting combines collage pieces placed on canvas.


Many art museums have pop art section that displays characters and things which are very known to the public


Many people can recognize characters that are displayed in the pieces of painting if the if the image has been taken from popular culture. Pieces of art painting usually display characters which were popular at the moment when the work was created. It can be really a great fun to explore the history of popular advertising and culture by the works of pop art. Comic books are still very popular too.

The works of pop art can be a very good investment, but that doesn’t mean that you should go to a comic store and purchase all comic books in it and then to wait till these books become very expensive. If you want to invest money to the works of pop art you should look for rare pieces of pop art which is not an easy task. Look for useful information in Internet, go to pop art museums and galleries, meet people who know the subject very well they may give you some good pieces of advice.

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