Can Raisins Cause Tooth Decay?

Yes – raisins can cause tooth decay as not only do they contain a lot of sugar but they stick to your teeth


Raisins can be as equally damaging as sweets because when fruit looses water you are left with concentrated juice which is basically just sugar.

According to Dental specialist Professor Bowen, Rochester University, New York, an experimental study with animals showed that raisins caused more tooth decay than pure sugar.

Parents are often devastated and shocked when they take their child to the dentist and the dentist finds tooth decay


Especially when they have carefully limited the amount of sweets their child eats. However – some parents have unwittingly substituted sweets for dried fruits such as raisins and bananas not realising that they are also sugary and also need to be eaten in moderation.

Giving a child too many pure fruit juices to drink can also cause tooth decay as it is highly acidic and can destroy tooth enamel


It is best if you can try and accustom children to drinking water, but if they refuse to drink it then add a bit of fresh fruit juice to give it a bit of flavour – this way the acid will not be as concentrated, Also give your child a straw to drink from as this can cut down the amount of acid or sugar that come into contact with their teeth.

It is difficult not to give in to children’s demands for snacks throughout the day especially if they are picky mealtime eaters and you are concerned about whether they are eating enough nutritious food, but just remember that the more times sugar and acid that goes in their mouth during the course of a day the more likely they will suffer tooth decay.


Tip: After your child has eaten or drank something acidic – give them a small chunk of cheese to chew on as cheese is alkaline and it helps to neutralise acid.

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