Can Sativex Cannabis Spray Help MS Sufferers?

Savtivex has been developed by GW pharmaceuticals which contains cannabinoids in order to relieve painful stiff muscles (spasticity) associated with the condition Multiple Sclerosis.

The spray works by activating molecules in the body knwn as ‘cannabinoid receptors’ which help by preventing nerve signals being sent to the brain from the site of pain. Sativex does not produce the same mental affects as cannabis and therefore will not present in detrimental mental health concerns.

Some MS patients (approximately 100,000 in the UK) have succumbed to using cannabis illegaly for pain relief as previous campaigns to get the plant legally obtainable has been relentlessly overturned.

Although the drug has produced promising results in trials  – initial funding will lie in the hands of Primary Care Trusts, prior to NICE’s decision as to whether to support it’s use on the National Health Service (NHS).

Sativex has officially been licenced by the European Regularity body and the medicine that comes as an oral spray will cost at least eleven pounds per daily treatment and may be considered too expensive for the NHS, hence – this may result in patients eligibilty for the drug may be dependant on their exceptional circumstances.

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