Can Social Media Sites Such As Twitter Bring In Lots Of Traffic?

One of the biggest misconceptions about online business is you don’t need to be personal. In this day and age with such websites such as twitter, facebook, and linked in people expect to get a personal feel for any business including such super stars as sony, google, and ford. Each of these three brands are using web 2.0 to reach out and really communicate with their potential customers.

The problem is when new webmasters looking to make money online get on these social websites they begin massive spam campaigns then wonder why their social media marketing is not going well. These webmasters have broken the rule if you spam friends on facebook they will quickly befriend you and if you spam followers on twitter they will quickly unfollow you. This leads to the question how should we as webmasters speak to our traffic on social websites.

When you begin your social media campaign think about the personal aspect of your business.


I use twitter, facebook, and other social website as a way to inform my visitors, readers, and traffic what is up and coming in my online business. I ask them what they would like to see or what I could change to help them out making sure not to seem like a robot, but a person wanting input.

You can also use these websites for personal use when your traffic actually finds out that you are a real live person with real problems they will be able to connect with your and the trust in your relationship builds. When they trust you the chance that they will purchase your product or sign up for your mailing list greatly increases. If the only thing you use twitter and other social websites for is pure marketing people will see right through you and the level of interaction between you and your traffic will decrease greatly.

Very few of your followers/friends will be willing to help you by re-tweeting or sharing your content on facebook so if you would like to increase the chances your website, blog, article, or whatever you share on social sites going viral attempt to interact personally with your social group.

You may be wondering how to increase your social networks to help you drive traffic?


The first and most obvious way to increase your social reach is to place links to your social profiles on all of your websites and blogs so when your visitors come and like what they see it is possible to join your network and stay informed. The second way to increase your social reach is to participate in whatever community you participate in.

If you really enjoy twitter and would like to increase your followers it is imperative to jump into conversations, replying to tweets, and retweeting others you enjoy reading. You should also be posting unique helpful content on a regular basis not just link after link. One thing that has helped me in the internet marketing niche on twitter has been to post my marketing tip of the day which usually gets retweeted and increases followers.

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  1. so important for web traffic. people don’t realise the benefits of social bookmarking, they think it’s just for fun and communicating with people.

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