Can Spyware Protection Tools Keep Small Businesses Safe?

Virus Protection on your pcs, macs, and servers is such a vital part of keeping your business safe online


There’s lots of free virus tools out there along with spyware tools. BEWARE, most of them are inadequate or even install viruses or spyware when you download them.

You also have major internet providers offering free Norton or McAfee along with a pricey contract that you sign for your business. In our experience, these huge virus protection companies have become too large and have lost focus on the task at hand; to protect your systems. The majority of emergency calls to our business is the result of one of the above mentioned products failing to do it’s job.

The programs mentioned above also are very heavy on system resources. So on top of not doing an adequate job protecting your valuable business data, they are tiring your servers and workstations. We have seen systems become completely unresponsive while doing a basic virus scan.

Viruses enter systems via email, rogue websites, links on social networks, and sometimes they just find a way in while they roam the internet looking for a host


They come in the form of worms, trojan horses, spyware, etc. Worms typically hijack your email program, slow your system down with traffic, or wait for a trigger to activate them. Trojan Horses are after personal info, they get installed by clicking an infected email, link, webpage, etc.

They can then record your keystrokes including usernames and passwords to everything you do online. The Trojan Horse then transmits this info to the creator of said virus. Pretty scary stuff. Spyware is usually a tracker of your habits on the internet so they can direct certain marketing towards you, but they too can steal valuable data similar to a trojan horse. Spyware typically installs itself as a cookie in your web browser or a small undetectable program.

So you can see how important it is to have thorough, complete coverage. Not only is your business information important, but also that of your clients, employees, and partners. You wouldn’t take you most important server outside of your office and leave it on the sidewalk would you? Imagine who could pick it up and what they could do with it? Leaving it without the proper protection in your office is the exact same thing.

So, now I guess you are wondering what we recommend? We have been recommending and installing Trend Micro to/for business clients and residential clients since 2002. It offers the most coverage, at low system overhead, and at an affordable price with almost daily updates. Includes spyware protection, sensitive data security, web surfing protection, and much, much more. An overall excellent choice for complete coverage and piece of mind.

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