Can the Law Get These Child Sex Dolls Banned ASAP?

Child sex dolls are fast becoming popular with paedophiles but what’s actually been done to ban these from being sold?

I was shocked to find a degree of controversy surrounding these dolls arrival on the marketplace, given their vile intention for use. For instance:

Ms Grayson from ‘StopSo’ (an organisation aimed at preventing sexual offenders from reoffending)  suggested that the use of child sex dolls may deter paedophiles from carrying out attacks in real life’ WHAT! She can’t be serious!

Surely….anyone with an ounce of common sense will realise that paedophiles will eventually get the urge to move on to the real thing?

Her insanely warped idea led her to also state: “If our number one priority is to keep young people safe from sexual harm, then we need to be open to new ways of thinking about how we can help those members of society who are sexually attracted to children to manage their urges in safe and law-abiding ways.”

So society has to adopt a new way of thinking? So what she‘s implying is that society should be brainwashed into accepting that a paedophile needs a doll to satisfy their vile criminal urges, in the same way someone needs a pill for a bad headache?  So let’s normalise paedophilia?

Well let me tell how normalised it would become: The day when parents would be saying to their children “erm…uncle so and so or daddy has gone to play with his dolly today darling”. That’s sick and far from the realms of being normal!

Why are these child sex dolls still on sale?

Well the NSPCC is calling on government to take action to criminalise. Does this mean that the law enforcements will prosecute the sellers and ban them from sale?

I was shocked to find them on sale on the internet within 5 minutes of searching!  I found them on the website (the actual listing below)

Child Sex Doll: For Sale on

Over a 100 dolls have been imported during the last year. It’s been suggested that the dolls also alert the police to paedophiles. Again – It’s bordering on normalising them; alluding to the idea that they are in some way being useful ….’ as bait’.

Dear Society: Please don’t ever allow yourself to accept Child Sex Dolls as a treatment option for such a vile despicable act.

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3 Replies to “Can the Law Get These Child Sex Dolls Banned ASAP?”

  1. The fact of having sex with an animate object is not the problem. It’s the idea of normalising paedophilia what is!

  2. These men are Not safe to be living among general society. Not convinced any type of therapy will work either. Castration is probably the only cure that will prevent them from harming kids.

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