Can The McCann Supporters Stand Up To The Trolls And Witch Hunts?

Trolls and witch hunts thrive on the pain and the misery of others to feed their troubled souls.
Without the ability to inflict pain and misery on others they feel dead and worthless.Their fragile egos wilt and die without the supply of someone else’s pain to feed on. They are like weeds without water or sunlight, they can no longer sting their victim with maximum pain, they keel over, wilt and eventually get trodden on.Incidentally – Just as they did before they turned into witches and trolls.
The McCann’s are far stronger than the trolls and witches, they have the overwhelming capacity to feel loved and to love others.
It’s love that drives them to never ever give up searching for their daughter. Trolls and witches don’t love themselves or anyone else, that’s why they behave like they are inhuman. They can only spill out hatred, it’s all they know. Negative attention is better than no attention, right?, so when people respond to their nasty comments on social media, they feel like they are being acknowledged, noticed. They become somebody.
Trolls are very needy, they are an empty pit that needs filling. Now imagine that pit as being bottomless, that’s why they relentlessly stalk and taunt their victims. Their desire to fill their massive void is insatiable.
In June this year (2017) the Madeleine McCann official facebook page was closed down due to hatefull troll attacks.
The trolls would have felt victorious, mighty, and poweful, whereas the page owner felt overwhelmed by their taunts and negative comments. In her own words the webmaster wrote  ‘I had to close it down for my own mental health‘. She is a mum herself, and obviously can tune into how Madeleine’s mother Kate feels. What mother wouldn’t? Her dedication to supporting the McCann’s is honourable. I am in favour of all support for them too.
Trolls can be beaten at their game by being completely ignored.
They shrivel up and crawl away without any acknowledgement  or attention. So lets stop feeding them by not reacting to them in any way whatsoever. It’s hard I know, but as the saying goes ‘Ignorance is Bliss!’.
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  1. I agree, don’t feed the trolls. Even if you respond in positive way, you’re still feeding the troll! They crave attention like an addiction.

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