Can Vinegar Cure Arthritis?

Mother of four ‘Sarah Gall’ age 55 was crippled by arthritis and had to give up one of the things she enjoyed most ‘music’.


Conventional drugs such as anti-inflammatory and pain-killers which she was prescribed didn’t ease the pain and an x-ray revealed that the arthritis was also affecting her spine. Her daughter – after seeing how much her mother was suffering, trawled the internet for alternative remedies and information. Her research led her to the possible benefits of ‘vinegar’ as a remedy. This idea was proposed by a nurse ‘Margaret Hills’ in 1961. She realised that – despite vinegar having acidic properties that it became alkaline when digested. This led her to the notion that it could counteract the acid that accumulates in joints and causes swelling in joints.

To treat arthritis it was suggested that ‘cider vinegar’ should be drunk, diluted with honey and hot water.


Mrs Gall started to feel improvements after only one week and her doctor was absolutely amazed at how much better she was. She can now play her beloved organ again and has written a booklet to help other arthritis sufferers. Medics have expressed caution to people trying out the remedy, and have suggested that they consult with their doctor first, before stopping any prescribed medication.

Apple cider vinegar also contains antioxidants, beta-carotene, and acetic acid. Anti-oxidants block the damaging effects of free radicals, preventing the cell and tissue damage characteristic of degenerative conditions such as arthritis.

**Mix apple cider vinegar with your favourite Juice**

  1. Mix 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar into a small to medium glass of juice.
  2. Drink twice a day to relieve arthritis pain.
  3. Include apple cider vinegar as part of your healthy diet.
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